What Bends Must Break.


Team Anchora

These are all the people who are (Or have been) on Team Anchora!
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Garrett 'D' Bogle: Writer, Series Director.

Just a kid from Kansas who likes stories. 16 years old, trying to make a difference.

Robin Blend: Creative Support, Musician.

Second in command; Creative assistance, and head musician. Likes his coffee!

Kieth Taoi: Early Assistance, Character Design.

Worldbent wouldn't have been the same without you. Miss you, buddy.

Demirramon: Website coder.

You expected "bio not available", BUT IT WAS ME, DEMI!

Vingam Secuis: Website Programmer.

The 1337 website developer; #yoloswagothercoolstuff.

Nyomi: Character Artist, Banner Design, In-Depth Critique, Team Admin.

Loves Pens. Probably the fastest typer on the team.

Miner73: Advice, In-Depth Critique, Team Admin.

One of the first Worldbent fans. Has influenced tons of things throughout the series.

Steve: Animation, Character Design, Team Admin.

Jack of all trades, and conqueror of our hearts :3

WeirdAlien: Panel Production, Character Design, Promotional Art.

Nothing would get done without WA. Designed Enoch, Astra, Marcia, others.

Kechuppika: Panel Production, Promotional Art, Animator.

Very Mysterious; The Number 1 Authority On Anime.

DubstepGG: Early support, Character Design.

Designed Sol and Kale. Jamaican pride!

Xamm: Promotional art, High Profile Art.

Xammwow! Made quite a bit of the artwork for Album 2

Junnboi: Character design, Panel Production.

Newbie, yet to make his mark. Great things are coming!

Blipkid: Chiptune Musician.

Makes the crunchiest songs. Blipmix, baby!

MagnificentMorg: Lo-Fi Musician.

Makes an absurd amount of WIP files; Cool dude.

Poturtle: Physical Musician, Sound Effects.

Great with the guitar. Voted most likely to lose in a Pokemon battle.

Grassinio: Sf2 Musician.

Blazing fast musician. Newbie, but proving his worth! Likes include: Grass.

Yunomi: EDM Musician.

One of the first on Team Anchora. Likes to dance~

Pixelmaniac: Character Artist, Panel Production.

A fighting maniac who has mastered the art of Pixel-Fu.

CoolDean: Remix Musician.

The Master of Memes and Purveyor of Puns

Seelocanth: Varied Musician.

Lives in a high-tech swimming pool. The original Worldbent musician!

Jarian: Community Outreach, In-Depth Critique.

A jar-based lifeform. He keeps things from getting too weird.

Roryem: Panel Production, Specialty Art.

Has a cool, cartoonish art style. For some reason, is associated with Tigger from Whinny The Pooh.

Quweert: Panel Production, Paintings, Landscape Art.

Enjoys the fine details. From Germany, so his favorite food is obviously Wienerschnitzel.

Jollibeejo: Panel Production, Sketchwork.

Draws at the speed of a cheetah on mood enhancers. The most likely to ship characters together.

EternalBK: Panel Production, Item Art.

Pretty cool dude. Though slow, makes quality art.

Mizugi: VG Musician.

A super-sentai show and an orchestra conductor combined into one incredible package. Never sleeps.

InkyBlack: Progressive Musician.

A squid gifted in the art of composition~

Final Yogurt: Panel Production.

An artist soft-serving up new work. NSFW on special occasions~