What Bends Must Break.

The B-Log

Worldbent's End


I'm a bit late to posting this, but...
Well, in case you hadn't noticed, Work on Worldbent has ceased. The team and I have come to an agreement to split up, and end this portion of our lives. Worldbent was a wonderful project, and had we continued it I think it could have been something special. it WAS something special. But... We're growing up. None of us have much freetime anymore, and so work on Worldbent slowed to a crawl. This will have to be its end, for now.

Maybe not forever, but for now.

Ah, and I also never quite finished the rewrite. Past the first dormitory panel, the dialogue could still use some work... I'll try to fix it, but it might not get done for a while.

I'm not actually sure why I decided to keep the cast in the boring dormitory for so long... We planned out so many fantastical settings and locales for Worldbent, and yet we kept the cast in the dormitory for like 30 panels? That decision probably contributed to our burnout quite a bit... Ouch.

We're Still Here.


Howdy, everyone! 


Sorry for the huge gap in between this blog entry and the last... Things have been moving pretty slowly at the team recently, with work, finals, and holidays breathing down our throats. However, fear not - We're still here! 

Here are a few things that I can tell you concerning the current state of Worldbent:

Sometime in Early January, we'll be recieving the finished, physical copies of our brand new compilation album: Worldbent Vol 1! They'll go on limited sale for 12 dollars each. We only have 100 copies available, so make sure to act fast!

Over the next few days, you can expect some great progress in the panel rewrite. I'm currently at panel 49 and, with any luck, the rewrite will be finished before the year ends. And the end of the rewrite means the return to new content, of course~

Our art team is (slowly) returning to action. With the holiday season here, we should hopefully be able to finish up all of our post - episode content. Once the episode 1 credits are done, we can start uploading again too ^^

Finally, Worldbent is NOT stopping production! Though we might slow down every once in a while, we don't have any plans of stopping for good until our story is told. Worldbent will go on!

~Garrett 'Determination' Bogle

Changes Galore


With episode one at a close, things are getting pretty hectic here at Team Anchora! Expect lots of shakeups coming in these next few weeks; New posters, an official Worldbent logo, the beginning of our inter-episode content, and of course the episode 1 credit sequence! I hope you're all as excited for what's to come as I am!


~Garrett 'Dmitri' Bogle

What's Next?


After the events of yesterday, the team has more-or-less revitalized. The artists are back to work on panels, the musicians are preparing for our next major release... And me? Well, I'm filling you all in on it! Here we go, time for some hardcore updates!


First off, our art team. Most of our team artists, including Jolibeejo, Roryem, Quweert and others are handling panel work for the comic. The art's all really well polished so far, so expect a beautiful update! As for the content itself, we'll be seeing a first for Worldbent - All five main characters will be together! How will Kale fare, coming back from being chewed out only to find a roomful of people awaiting his return? Well... About as well as you'd expect. But it's not all panels for our artists! Kechup-San has finished work on a new poster, and several other artists have work in progress pieces that are quite interesting. Expect to see them soon!


Next, the music team! Everyone's been really hard at work, lately... But on what? Well, rather than making another full album like Vitality or Rebirth, we decided to take a different approach this time - Our first mini album! Mini albums are different from regular albums in that they're smaller (duh) and also revolve around a central theme portrayed by their title. Having less songs actually works in favor of the mini album, as it allows each song to be slightly more polished and personalized. With all of that said, I think it's time to make an announcement; Mini Album Discovery will be released before the end of Summer! It'll feature 8 new songs from all-star Worldbent musicians like Robin Blend, Seelocanth, Poturtle and more, as well as the debut track of our newest musician, Mizugi. And of course, every last track on the album will be focused on Discovery. What that means, though, is yet to be seen...


Finally, Let's talk about the website. In the near future we're going to be implementing more changes, though I don't have an exact frame of reference for when you can expect them. These changes include revamping the 'about' tab, squashing several annoying bugs regarding the tab system in general, and also decreasing load times where possible. I think I speak for every member of Team Anchora when I say that we want you to enjoy Worldbent as much as possible. Our end goal is seeing that you're all satisfied with your time spent reading. Speaking of satisfaction, though... I have one more announcement that, hopefully, should satisfy those of you who have wanted easier access to our team's art catalog.


If you go into the Archive tab as of tonight, you will notice two new sections - The 'Concept' section and the 'Artwork' Section. These will serve as places to display supplementary art to Worldbent, as well as early concept designs, working sketches, development notes, and even higher quality fanart should the artist responsible want it to be displayed. This will serve two purposes; Firstly it will be an easy place for us to store all of this artwork, rather than simply uploading it to dropbox and forgetting about it. Secondly, it might even attract new fans - The quality of our supplementary art has always been pretty ridiculous, tbh xD


All of these changes are, in a roundabout way, because of our fans. Y'all deserve a huge shoutout. You guys are the reason that Worldbent keeps running strong, and now there are more of you than ever before. If you continue to support us, I promise you that Team Anchora will go on to do great things - And you'll be right there, journeying along with us!


~With Love

Garrett 'Dauntless" Bogle

Wow, Thanks Guys!


WOW, today was eventful! Thanks to Jerma985, we've had our first major shoutout ever! I logged onto the site, only to find that it had more or less been DDOS'd by 500 people trying to access it at once. Talk about a shock to the system! xD


Umm... anyway, yeah! Thanks so much! We're working harder than ever to bring you all quality content, and I hope you all enjoy what Worldbent has to offer. 


Yours truly~

Garrett 'Dunkaccino' Bogle